Family Stories

Family Stories is a concept in development for the MICAH Fund Web site.  The goal is to have MICAH Families (those who have completed adoptions with help from the MICAH Fund) tell their stories in narrative form.  We are looking for volunteers to participate in this new endeavor and who will allow us tell their stories.


Cory and Summer

Adoption has touched many people’s lives in so many different ways and we would like to share a little bit about how adoption changed our lives forever. My husband and I have two beautiful boys (ages 17 months and 2 months) who have joined our family through adoption. But before I share about their journey into our family, I will give you a little bit of our background and why we chose to adopt.

Ever since I was a little girl I remember hearing about adoption and thinking it was such an amazing thing. Something clicked inside of me at a very young age and I decided that this was how I wanted to grow a family someday. Many years later I met the man who is now my husband and, during our engagement, we were discussing our future and I brought up the topic of adoption. He said he had never considered it before. After a few minutes of thinking about it, he got very excited about the idea and was immediately on board. It was really special to have our shared passion for adoption grow together over the next three years of our marriage.

In 2010 we decided to start the process of adoption. From beginning to end it was an incredible experience that resulted in Ashur Elijah joining our family at one week old. Because the process happened so fast for us we were not able to apply for any grants for his adoption. We kept hearing, however, about the MICAH Fund from several families we knew who had applied and received a matching grant through that ministry. Fifteen months later, when we started the process to adopt again, we were sure to apply with the MICAH Fund as soon as we were able. Our second time around through the adoption process happened even faster than the first! We had not even mailed out our profile when we received a call from the agency we adopted our first son through and were told of a little baby boy who is now our second son, Tyson Isaiah. Despite the fact that we thought that there would be no way possible to receive any grants because of how quickly things were happening, we decided to contact the MICAH Fund anyway. Much to our surprise, in the span of two days we were able to raise 2,000 dollars which the MICAH Fund matched! The MICAH Fund Committee was more than willing to come alongside of us to make this grant happen as well as offering prayer support and encouragement. They have been such an amazing testament of the body of Christ at work—we are humbled by the way they have served our family with so much joy.

In becoming parents we have learned a new kind of love and it has been neat to learn how that translates into how much love our Father has for us. Cory and Summer

Jack and Sue

After the birth of their second daughter, Jack and Sue started to think about adopting their next baby.  The desire grew strong; they knew it could only be a call from God.  Later that year, they found out African-American and bi-racial infants are considered in adoption terms hard-to-place.  That knowledge just strengthened their determination to adopt and confirmed their call from God to adopt an African-American baby.  But where could they start and could they afford it?  This is where the MICAH Fund came in.  It provided needed financial assistance that helped pay for a critical part of their adoption agency fees.  But this was just the start of Jack and Sue’s relationship with the MICAH Fund.  Three years later they adopted a second African American child, again with the help of the MICAH Fund.